Ecophysiological responses of Acrocomia aculeata (Jacquin) Loddies ex Martius to seasonal water deficit and nutrient availability

quarta-feira, fevereiro 20, 2019

Author: Barleto, Erica Alvarenga

Imagem relacionadaAbstract: This study evaluated photosynthetic and nutritional responses from two populations (one from São Paulo and the other from Distrito Federal) of the palm Acrocomia aculeata submitted to irrigation, fertilization and climate seasonality. For this purpose two experiments were carried in the Agricultural Research Center of the Cerrado - Embrapa Cerrados (Planaltina - DF). The first experiment consisted of irrigated and non irrigated plots, while the second, consisted of fertilized and unfertilized plots. 

In the first experiment, the effect of irrigation was positive for values of predawn water potential (Ψpd), leaf transpiration (E) under light saturation, stomatal conductance (gs), CO2 assimilation (ACO2) and E daily curves and midday of the dry season. The highest leaf concentrations of Ca and Mg were found in the rainy season; of K and Al in dry season; and of B in the population of São Paulo (SP). In the second experiment, fertilization increased leaf production and the ratio chlorophylls /carotenoids; the level of Zn were higher for the population of SP; and there were not significant variations between seasons for values of Mg, Al, Fe,B and Ψmd. In both experiments, the values of gs, ACO2, E under light saturation, the daily curves, Ψpd, photosynthetic pigments and leaf concentrations of N, S and Cu were higher in the rainy season. The intrinsic efficiency of water use, the efficiency of nitrogen use and Zn were higher in the drought. The values of specific leaf area, N, Ca and S were higher for the population of SP and there was not significant variation in photosynthetic efficiency. 

It can be concluded that in the first experiment the water supply provided for the irrigation treatment was not sufficient to remove the effects of water deficit during the dry period. In the second, fertilization did not influence the photosynthetic metabolism, but induced an increase in productivity of leaves. In both there was a strong influence of seasonal rains and the origin of the populations in key parameters.

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