Global palm oil industry watchdog accused of giving false environmental credibility to products

segunda-feira, novembro 04, 2019

Global palm oil industry watchdog accused of giving false environmental credibility to products
The palm oil industry is worth an estimated US$70 billion (S$95 billion) a year.PHOTO: REUTERS

Global palm oil industry watchdog accused of giving false environmental credibility to products

KUALA LUMPUR - Consumers are being conned about the sustainability of the palm oil used to make products from cosmetics and foodstuff to biofuels, said a report by an international environmental group on Sunday (Nov 3).. Read more at straitstimes.com.

But the United Kingdom-based Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) has accused the RSPO of"effectively giving false environmental credibility to its products, commonly known as 'greenwashing'.

It also accused RSPO of colluding with companies to hide"flagrant violations of its own standards."

In an immediate response, RSPO chief executive Datuk Darrel Webber told The Straits Times:"Caricaturing an issue or a person is a useful way to gain attention and to get a point across. RSPO, however, is an organisation that can only provide balanced communication founded on unvarnished facts."

"In the meantime our stakeholders can take comfort that RSPO continues to be informed by scores of credible research organisations who conduct independent research on the impacts of RSPO. And RSPO continues to receive input from scores of experts from leading civil society organisations," Mr Webber added.

It also called accusations that the group was not transparent,"nonsensical."

"The EIA report dismisses these efforts in one fell swoop when they declare 'mismanagement of the entire process',when in fact there are multiple processes taking place with varying degrees of effectiveness. I strongly reject the claim of 'RSPO collusion with companies to hide flagrant violations of its own standards'," she told The Straits Times.

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