Quality Parameters of Mechanically Extracted Edible Macauba Oils (Acrocomia aculeata) for Potential Food and Alternative Industrial Feedstock application

quarta-feira, março 13, 2019

Authors: Pedro P. Valério, Jesus M. F. Celayeta, Erika C. Cren

Abstract: There is a need for knowledge on new sources of vegetable oils. Acrocomia aculeata has been regarded as a promising alternative source to meet food and industrial demands. With a similar productive potential to Elaeis guineensis, this crop is among the highest oil-yielding plants in the world. 

Resultado de imagem para óleo macaubaThe present study has characterised the A. aculeata oil comprehensively to aid the setting up of standards encompassing the quality, composition and identity. Samples were obtained under five different pressing conditions and screened regarding quality parameters. The coldly pressed sample, which showed the highest tocols content (85.5 mg.kg-1), the higher oil stability index (6.4 hours) and an acid value of 1.6 mg KOH.g-1 was characterised in terms of chemical, physical and identity characteristics, i.e., peroxide value, insoluble impurities, mineral contents, fatty acids essential composition, iodine value, saponification value, kinematic viscosity, relative density, unsaponifiable matter and total carotenoids. 

Results were compared with literature sources to assess A. aculeata as an alternative feedstock. The study contributes to evidence that products derived from A. aculeata may have good consumer acceptance, nutraceutical value and natural appeal. It is suggested that the compliance to legal standards must be pursued to guarantee the sustainability of the productive crop chain.

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