Variability in Lignin Composition and Structure in Cell Walls of Different Parts of Macaúba (Acrocomia aculeata) Palm Fruit

segunda-feira, maio 28, 2018

Authors: Jorge Rencoret, Hoon Kim, Anderson B. Evaristo, Ana Gutierrez, John Ralph and José C. del Río.


The lignins from different anatomical parts of macauba ( ́ Acrocomia aculeata) palm fruit, namely stalks, epicarp, and endocarp, were studied. The lignin from stalks was enriched in S-lignin units (S/G 1.2) and β-ether linkages (84% of the total) and was partially acylated at the γ-OH of the lignin side-chains (26% lignin acylation), predominantly with phydroxybenzoates and acetates.
Resultado de imagem para FRUTO DA MACAÚBA
The epicarp lignin was highly enriched in G-lignin units (S/G 0.2) and consequently depleted in β-ethers (65%) and enriched in condensed structures such as phenylcoumarans (24%) and dibenzodioxocins (3%).

The endocarp lignin was strikingly different from the rest and presented large amounts of piceatannol units incorporated into the polymer. This resulted in a lignin polymer depleted in β-ethers but enriched in condensed structures and linked piceatannol moieties. The incorporation of piceatannol into the lignin polymer seems to have a role in seed protection.

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