Oil extraction from macauba pulp using compressed propane

sexta-feira, julho 05, 2019

Autores: Caroline Portilho Trentini; Kátia Andressa Santos; Edson Antonio da Silva; Vitor Augusto dos Santos Garcia; Lucio Cardozo-Filho; Camila da Silva

Abstract: In this study, the extraction of macauba pulp oil (MPO) using compressed propane as a solvent was investigated, and compared with conventional (Soxhlet) extraction. Extractions with propane were carried out in order to investigate the effects of temperature (333–373 K) and pressure (4–12 MPa) on the oil yield and the chemical composition of the products. 

The effects of temperature and pressure on the yield were negative and positive, respectively, with a maximum yield of 23.08 wt% being obtained at 333 K and 12 MPa. The use of propane allowed a fast extraction with a yield of ∼86% in the conventional extraction. The fatty acids composition showed a predominance (∼85%) of oleic and palmitic acids. The β-carotene and flavonoid contents were affected by the compressed-solvent extraction conditions and extraction method. 

Oil obtained using compressed-solvent extraction showed higher levels of phytosteroids and tocopherols and, consequently, a longer oxidation induction time.

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