Kinetics of ultrasound-assisted enzymatic biodiesel production from Macauba coconut oil

terça-feira, julho 09, 2019

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Authors: Simone Michelin; Frederico M. Penha; Melania M. Sychoski; Robison P. Scherer; Helen Treichel; Alexsandra Valério; M. Di Luccio; Déborade Oliveira; J. Vladimir Oliveira

Abstract: This work reports the production of fatty acid ethyl esters (FAEE) by means of Macauba (Acrocomia aculeata) coconut oil (MCO) solvent-free enzymatic transesterification reactions using a commercial immobilized lipase (Novozym 435) under the influence of ultrasound irradiation. 

An experimental design was used to evaluate the effects of temperature (40–70 °C), enzyme (5–20 wt%) concentration, oil to ethanol molar ratio (1:3–1:10) and output irradiation power (40–70 % of the maximum supply value) on the reaction yield. Besides, a kinetic study varying the enzyme concentration was also carried out. 

Results show that ultrasound-assisted lipase-catalyzed transesterification of MCO with ethanol in solvent-free system might be a potential alternative route to conventional alkali-catalyzed and/or traditional enzymatic methods, as reaction yields around 70 wt% were obtained at mild irradiation power supply (∼ 132 W), and temperature (65 °C) in a short reaction time, 30 min. Reutilization of enzyme showed that it may be advantageously employed up to 5 reuse cycles.

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