Comparison of macauba and soybean oils as substrates for the enzymatic biodiesel production in ultrasound-assisted system

sexta-feira, julho 19, 2019

Resultado de imagem para enzymatic biodiesel

Authors: Claudia M. T. Santin, Simone Michelin, Robison P. Scherer, Alexsandra Valério, Marco diLuccio, Débora Oliveira, J. Vladimir Oliveira

Abstract: The objective of this study is to evaluate the batch enzymatic production of biodiesel in solvent-free system under ultrasound using as substrates ethanol, soybean oil and macauba fruit oil. 

For this purpose, a Plackett & Burman experimental design was carried out for soybean oil while a 24−1 design was conducted for macauba oil in order to maximize the biodiesel conversion for each system. 

Good conversions to fatty acid ethyl esters (FAEE), 88% for soybean oil and 75.2% for macauba oil, was obtained thus demonstrating the potential use of ultrasound for this reaction system.

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