Germination and early growth of embryos of macaúba seedlings

terça-feira, maio 14, 2019

Authors: Joyce Dória Rodrigues Soares, Filipe Almendagna Rodrigues, Moacir Pasqua, Claudinéia Ferreira Nunes, Aparecida Gomes de Araujo

Abstract: The macaw is a palm oleaginous that it is highly productive and in which their oil can be used to produce biofuels.This study aimed to evaluate the influence of concentrations of minerals of the culture medium MS and coconut water germination in vitro of zygotic embryos of macaw and initial growth of seedlings. 

The embryos were inoculated in test tubes containing 15mL of culture medium MS in concentrations of 50 and 100% of minerals, plus coconut water (0, 50, 100 and 150mL L-1). The cultures were kept in room for growth with irradiance around 42W m-2, at 25±2°C and photoperiod of 16 hours. Higher percentage of germination of embryos of ‘macaúba’ was obtained at 60 days in MS medium in the original concentration of salts. 

The growth and conversion to viable seedlings or normal, which can be acclimatized, require half the concentration of salts of MS medium supplemented with 50mL L-1 coconut water.

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