Assessment of process variables on the use of macauba pulp oil as feedstock for the continuous production of ethyl esters under pressurized conditions

terça-feira, abril 09, 2019

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Authors: T. A. da S. Colonelli; C. P. Trentini; K. A. dos Santos; J. V. de Oliveira; L. Cardozo-Filho; E. A. da Silva; C. da Silva

Abstract: This study evaluated the potential of macauba pulp oil (MPO) as a feedstock for continuous ester production using ethanol under pressurized conditions. Experiments were performed in order to obtain data for the effect of process variables on ethyl ester (FAEE) and free fatty acid (FFA) conversion in a catalyst-free process. 

From the results, it appears that the MPO to ethanol mass ratio and the pressure were the variables with more favorable effect on the evaluated response variables. The addition of n-hexane caused an increase in the production of esters; however, this had a negative effect on FFA conversion. The addition of water was unfavorable for oil processing with high acidity. In this process, esterification and transesterification occur simultaneously, and the high FFA content in MPO provides high yields (85 wt% of esters; 93% FFA conversion) at low temperature, since the esterification reaction rate is higher than the transesterification. 

The decomposition of fatty acids was evaluated and levels <5% were observed under the evaluated experimental conditions.

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