Potential of the Macaw Palm as Substance Source Cousin for Biodiesel Production

sexta-feira, março 15, 2019

Authors: Cargnin, Adeliano; Junqueira, Nilton Miguel Vilela; Fogaça, Cláudia Martellet

Abstract: Given projected the potential demand of the biodiesel for the next years, the development of the studies is desirable that subsidize the job of alternative raw material sources for agroenergy production. Macaúba presents advantages on other plantas that occupy, currently, position of prominence in Brasil in the production of biodiesel, as the soy and the cotton.

The potential oil production for macaúba can arrive the 6,200 kg, in a population of 500 plants/ha, considering a productivity of 50 kg/plant/year. The oil texts also vary between accesses, being slightly bigger in the pulp in relation to the almond. 100 million hectares of pasture exist approximately in Brazil, of which 60% meet in some stadium of degradation.

Hypothetically, the plantation of 20% of the area of pastures degraded witch macaubeiras in the density of 100 plants for hectare, in the level of current productivity, has potential for the production of eight billion liters of oil in the stated period of 10 years, conserving the remaining natural resources. 

Of this form, considering itself the fact not yet to have crops of macaúba in Brazil, gives credit this species could be used in systems agrossilvipastoril of silvipastoril, that is, macaúba joined with annual cultures and pastures or joined only witch pastures, preventing the opening of news areas. These agroforestry systems also could be used in areas of legal reserve and the recovery of degraded areas.

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