Effects of inclusion of macaúba cake on ruminal protozoa population of goats

quinta-feira, janeiro 10, 2019

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Authors: Luana Marta de Almeida Rufino; Silene Maria Prates Barreto; Eduardo Robson Duarte; Luciana Castro Geraseev; Antônio Carlos Ramos Santos; Yuri Genaro Jaruche

Abstract: The objective of this work was to evaluate the effects of different levels of inclusion of macauba (Acrocomia aculeata) cake on the protozoa population in the rumen of goats. It was used eight castrated undefinied breed goats with rumen cannula arranged in two Latin squares and fed four diets with different levels of macauba cake. For quantification of protozoa, 1-mL samples of the rumen fluid of each animal were diluted in 9 ml of formaldehyde solution at 10%. 

After successive decimal dilutions in saline solution, protozoa were quantified in Sedgewick chambers. The inclusion of macauba cake at the level of 5% of the diet did not change the average protozoa concentration in the rumen fluid, compared with the control group (0% of inclusion). Diets with 10 and 15% of macauba cake promoted significant increase of average concentration of protoza and did not reduce the concentrations of protozoa from other groups. 

The profile of protozoa populations was changed only in three out of 17 detected genera, proving that there is diversity in the ruminal ecosystem and it suggests that this by-product can be a safe alternative for those rumen microorganisms.

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